Saturday, December 26, 2009

Yummy Veg Biriyani - with egg

Hi all,

This is a blog about a biriyanis i made last day .. thought of sharing with u all.. all the way is a simple, humble, crispy,spicyyyyy biriyanii.. this is surely gonna make u irresistable as well as mouth watery... so lets begin guys,

This is the egg biryani I made today. It is basically a vegetable biryani, and I just put boiled eggs in the end. Recipe is simple..
First keep some rice boiled till it is almost cooked (90% boiled aayaal mathi). Chop any choice of vegetables and boil in water with salt. Keep aside. (I used one packet of mixed veg frozen :) )
Stir fry chopped onions, (3 pieces elakka(cardamom), 3 graampoo, karuva patta(no english for tat)), little ginger garlic, one green chilli, till brown in colour. Then add some chilli powder, turmeric, pepper, fry for 2 minutes. Add chopped tomatoes and a little water and cook till it becomes a thick gravy. Add boiled veg and mix well. If you have mint leaves (pudina), it will be perfect> Extra salt and spice is needed, it is also for the rice.

Take a deep vessel, keep on low fire, we used pressure cooker.. first put one spoon ghee, when it melts, put one layer gravy, then one layer rice, again gravy, then rice. Close tightly and keep on very low flame. I kept dosa pan on medium flame and kept the cooker on top of that, so it will never catch rice at the bottom. Keep for 10 to 15 minutes. Open, mix gently with a large spoon without mashing the rice. Put cut pieces of boiled eggs and mix well.
Eat well with salad and naranga achaar(lime pickle)!!!

now enjoi the nice yummy juicy biriyani !! :D ..

bon apetitee

Captain Cook

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  1. captain, next time dish it out in a nice bowl before taking pics...rather than garnishing inside the pressure cooker !!!...but u r really become a great chef.....sandhya should be the most happiest person now.....
    As told u earlier, change the heading to egg biriyani or something..